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About that Batman Costume.....#TeamBatman

So Zack Snyder (300, Man of Steel, Watchmen) tweeted an image from the set of his upcoming movie currently titled "Batman vs Superman". The entire geek web sphere went ape shit. Ben Affleck (Argo, Goodwill Hunting, Chasing Amy, The Town, Mallrats) wore that outfit like a Dark Knight no doubt. The image Zack posted though was in monochrom (read black and white) using the Leica M Camera - it left me wondering. What if the shot in monochrome was more than just a creative decision, but rather a tool used to conceal the true details in the the new Batman costume. You have to admit Christopher Nolan left the bar REAL high in terms both how the Batman costume, Batman chest symbol and even Bat mobile should look. Gone are the cheesy Joel Schumacher version Batman & Robin -- ugh. So anyways, I took to Photoshop and added subtle colors to the match that of Frank Miller's Batman. Here's what I got. It's not spot on, but you get the gist. Peel the black and white (monochrome) and you now have a different costume. 

I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. I'm so use to a "Dark" Knight that a Batman with color in his costume just doesn't feel right. But then again, I wasn't sold on the whole Ben Affleck as Batman idea too. (I still remember Ben as Flash) Anywho, check out the two images below - one is the original from Zack and the other is a slightly altered version of what may be a whole new spin on the Batman costume. 

My final thought is this - I trust Zack. I loved 300 & Man of Steel and really enjoyed Watchmen. So I'm gonna keep an open mind as the momentum picks up over the next few months. I can say one thing for sure --- I'm sooo damn excited! I'm on the #TeamBatman that's for sure.

Leave me your comments below and tell me what you think is gonna happen? Will it remain a black costume...or?