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a collection of my musings and ramblings across all things creative and all things technology as I love both!

I love clean UI's (User Interfaces)

These are the two primary workflows for me. Aperture covers about 90% of my workflow and integrates well with Nik Software, Photoshop CS6, mFlare plug in and OnOne software. But recently I've been tinkering with Capture One Pro 6 - the makers of the amazing Phase One camera system. I'm not going to begin writing a review of either, but instead I'm going to share a quick note why I love both these programs so much….The Interface. Both are incredibly robust and incredibly simple - no fuss, no fancy logo, no fancy design elements. Just tools for the job at hand period. So why am I even using Capture One Pro 6, because next week I hope to become certified in both the hardware and software…You know extend further my technical reach. :)