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#theBeardedOne a personal photo project.

The Bearded One Facebook page.                    Hashtag #theBeardedOne on Instagram

The Bearded One Facebook page.                    Hashtag #theBeardedOne on Instagram


The goal is simple. Make photographs of some of the most unique beards around today. But why...the question I get a lot is why, bother? What is the full purpose of this project? Well, as a professional working creative - I often find myself doing work for others - commissioned work. This body of work is for my own personal growth. A creative journey photographing Beards...But seriously, check out the beards, do I really need an excuse? 

The rise of the beard has been steady and 100% awesome. I'm surrounded by colleagues who have some of the most beast mode beards. I myself have a beard and I love having my beard. I've been growing it since Oct 2014. My wife has been a champ and has let me express myself with it. Although I'm pretty certain she H.A.T.E.S it. My son seems to love it - he regularly rubs his face with my beard. 

When I launched this project, I created a Facebook page for it. My hope is to get some momentum going with it and not allow it to get entangled with my regular Facebook page. The Bearded One Facebook page is dedicated to all things Beard ..but its also one of the few places you can see all the images as I post every Monday a new set of images. At the time of this writing, I just launched week two. Week one spotlight was Drew Gilroy and week two (current spotlight) is Adrian Romero. Check them out here and if you can check out the Facebook page, share it too!

Let me know what you think! 

Week 2, #theBeardedOne Spotlight Adrian Romero

Week 1, #theBeardedOne Spotlight Drew Gilroy