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The Entire Package, a look into self branding.

Did you know that along with creating new work and polishing your skills - it's equally important to keep your branding polished and moving forward. If you think shooting a lot is a ton of work – add in developing new ways to separate yourself from the noise out there to the mix. I'm always looking at ways to make myself stand out – simply shooting nice photos isn't enough for me. It's the entire package that I carefully want to present to a client. It's who I want to be as the rest of the world looks at me. It's a ton of work and if you are not prepared can be a ton of money. I guess my background in new media design is my secret weapon. I understand print design, I understand graphic design, I understand web design, I understand video design -- all the very things it takes to put yourself out there in the world. In a world of noise and tons of smoke signals, I'm pushing real hard to not only shoot quality work, but I'm also pushing to show the world that I'm about quality everything. 

How have you tackled your branding? Logo? Identity of some kind? Unified message? Do you need some advice? - feel free to leave me a comment..I'm always open for sharing what I've learned and helping other creatives out. I don't subscribe to "keep your stuff a secret", I'd much rather share what I know with people equally passionate about who and what they are. We live in a day and age were so much can be "learned" on Youtube, that we don't question it. I'd rather share what I know and be certain that I've sent some valid helpful tips you way, as oppose to letting aspiring creatives learn from god knows where and from who.

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New Media Design after all is how I got started in this creative business. Thanks for reading! –wilfredo  

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