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The inevitable P&C's


Here's my take on proposals. I hate writing them - I hate talking about money. I hate all the legalese. If only I could work for free and do all my jobs for nothing. I mean I love what I do - isn't that enough to pay the bills, pay for my gear, pay for my education, pay for my business -- ugh, alas is is not. So back to writing up a proposal and talking about the almighty dollar. Maybe I'll write that my passion alone is worth a billion dollars. lol. Or not. Regardless, I love what I do and I take what I do with great pride. I've learned from the best and to date I continue learn. I'm a perpetual student of my chosen career path. I ask my clients one thing - join me on my path and let me do something awesome for you. How do you handle the ever, "write up a proposal/contract and quote."

Here's something that most will never know  about how I process each proposal. So much effort goes into each and every proposal I make. It's all hand written and from the heart. I see a proposal as a direct extension of who I am and how I'd talk if it were in person. Heck, if I could I'd send all my proposals with a sing-o-gram.  I stress over the wording, the look, the feel, the very minute details I spend hours on. All this with the understanding that I might not get the job. Hours spent on a document that doesn't necessarily grant me the job, but rather an opportunity. I like to think that the clients I have championed and built realize it. However, if they don't it's ok too.

How much time and effort do you put into your proposals? Is it a carbon copy process? What fears do you have as a freelancer when talking about money? Put it in the comments! –wilfredo