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Sensor Spots? or what?

Take a good look at the image below and tell me it's not my sensor....I have a collection of Nikon lenses and these spots appear in each and every single of my shots. 

Nikon D700 sensor has spots..Now what?

  1. Should I be concerned?
  2. Who can I trust to have my sensor cleaned?
  3. Do you clean your sensor regularly? Why?

For each and every shoot I produce I deal with these spots by adding time to my post production workflow. (Apple Aperture & Adobe Photoshop) I'd like to cut that time down and fix this - so I'm asking the interwebzzzz to share with me some of your recipes for keeping a clean sensor. Thanks folks!

Here's the same set up but with no spots. All spots removed in Apple Aperture using the retouch tool.