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Award winning TV reporter, Sal Castaneda.

A big thank you to Sal Castaneda for inviting me to the KTVU Studios and for the tour of the studio. It's a state of the art news facility. The "control room" is the heart of the entire station - it's where director, producers and a team come together to translate the news as it happens & convey it in an instant. Pretty incredible. 

The studio were award winning Dave Clark and Emmy award winning Tori Campbell call home in the morning is a pretty inspiring place. I can't imagine the pressure of staring at the camera and delivering news that requires a straight face no matter the subject. Here's my take on what happens in this place – a hub where hundreds of people gather and in an instant share information for the entire bay area (and beyond) to absorb. This is simplified of course, what we don't see are these hundreds of people, writers, editors, producers, photographers, videographers, reporters, interns, designers, etc. It's a collaborated effort that is on a schedule and deadline. Intense to say the least. Thank you Sal for the tour and the education. Here's a few photos I made of Sal.

Thanks for reading! –wilfredo

Sal Castaneda, Award Winning Reporter.

Dave and Tori on the 7am-9am Broadcast at the KTVU HQ.

On the Air - in other words be quiet.

Sal mid word of his live feed - while you are watching, I'm next to his Live Camera....oh the pressure of not bumping into it. 

Sal is live on his feed. What amazes me the most is how he can quickly switch gears, from having a conversation about photography one sec and then the next addressing hundreds (maybe thousands of viewers) watching live.

Sal and Dave.

Sal made me my own KTVU Graphic (mispeled albeit, but thank you anyways - that was cool)