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This Holiday I'm looking for one family....

I know the story goes - never do anything for free. It undervalues who we are and what we do. Yet, there's always exceptions to this rule. The Christmas season is by far my favorite - I'm still that kid at heart and I love Christmas..I love the scent of Peppermint, the sights of the festive colors, the sounds of jingles…So this Christmas I want to offer my time at NO CHARGE to a family that would love a family portrait, but for what ever reason can't afford a photographer. Snap shots are nice, but how about something more - something that will make you look back and remember this. I want to offer my time to one family. Help me find that family.

Here's all I ask, contact me using the submission form below and include who the family is and share with me there story. All the stories submitted will be screened by me. On November 23rd, I will pick a family and from there we can set a time and date for the shoot. 

( Fine Print -> Local Shoot only - San Francisco and Local Peninsula, the selected family if they are further away must travel to my location, digital prints only, traditional prints are not included, single family only, not transferable, no cash value, dates are dependent on my availability )

Christmas Portrait 2011 by wilfredo copyright 2012

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