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Blackmagic Cinema Camera on a Dash Mount

I was bored the night before my shoot in Los Angeles. I decided to grab the BMCC and mount it on my dashboard. It was approx. 9pm (PT) so it was fairly dark outside. 

My own personal observations are this - I'm really impressed at how it handled noise as I was using the highest possible ISO (1600) on the BMCC. I was also shooting wide open (f4 on the Canon 8-15mm). I shot this entire sequence in full Raw 2.5k and later brought the footage into DaVinci Resolve 9. Included in this post is the full video and a single RAW frame that was calibrated in Apple Aperture.

Curious to hear what are your thoughts or opinions are on how the BMCC performed at night in a moving car.

Single Frame graded in Apple Aperture.  8mm (after crop factor approx. 18mm, f4, ISO 1600)

As a side note, I did use the Tokina 16-55 - terrible. I had major infinity focusing problems, but not with the Canon 8-15. Thanks to BorrowLenses for their help and support. 

Here's a RAW frame using the Tokina EF Mount 16-55...Not a single thing in focus...ugh. Don't rent or buy this lens.