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Quickie Post :: Blackmagic Cinema Camera.

This marks a new era for me as a creative professional. This clip was the very first demo shot I made with my own BMCC. I had rented it in February and immediately fell in love with the imagery - I knew renting wasn't the long term solution. I got lucky to have found it when I did at BorrowLenses, but after that - it's was pretty difficult to get one on the fly. So needless to say, I broke down and bought a unit. Not only will it be used for my upcoming Los Angeles trip, but I have some gigs lined up for the entire month of April. So this thing will definitely be put through the paces soon! 

Anyways, my first ever recording with my own BMCC is of Jo De Guzman of BorrowLenses. I can't say enough good things about the team over at BorrowLenses. I love that place. Here's Guzman in action as he smiles and connects with an incoming customer.