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British PGA Academy Grad :: Alex Murray

Before crossing the Atlantic in 2003, Alex was the Lead Instructor at the very prestigious Royal Liverpool Golf Club in England. He now shares his professional experience & expertise with golfers in CA.

Alex is an award-winning graduate from the British PGA Academy at The Belfry. In 2010, Alex was recognized by Golf Digest as one of the top twenty instructors under forty in the nation. Alex coaches a number of top professionals from the PGA, Nationwide and LPGA tours as well as many of the region’s professionals, college players, nationally ranked juniors and top amateur players.

Alex describes himself as an educator, not a “tip teacher”. Alex will ensure that you build a swing that is powerful, repeatable and efficient. Alex’s teaching will help you combine all the various aspects of the game such as acquiring a creative short game, learning effective practice skills, understanding your body and its influence on motion and most importantly developing a strong mind. Alex’s instruction is geared towards the more committed golfer, and he prides himself in taking players to “that next level”. 

Biography via Burlingame Golf Center